Thursday, 16 February 2017

Vice Chancelor Award : MY OWN PINK SASH!

Graduating my Degree in Advertising with a Vice Chancellor Award

It’s been a great journey that i will always remember. Alhamdulillah all the hard work has been paid off.

Semester 3
It was fun when it started, then i got to know i was 6 weeks pregnant. Away from Husband and Mum, i had to survive my early pregnancy at my dorm room with my room mates. Every weekend i would drive back to my Husband at Melaka. Morning sickness all day everyday, and a phase where i didn’t want to eat rice at all. Would go throw-up in the toilet multiple times per day, and sometimes at Faculty. Thank goodness everyone understood the phase i was going through. Until the end of Semester 3, i couldn’t stand staying at my hostel room anymore, crying over the phone with Mum, and she told me to just stay home (Nilai) and just go back and forth from UiTM Shah Alam daily. It made me feel so much better, and with that it boosted my mood to learn and results, Alhamdulillah.

Semester 4
Second and third trimester pregnancy, and it was a bumpy ride. Had the best lecturers in the world. Went back and forth from Nilai to Shah Alam everyday to attend classes. Me eating in the passenger seat while hubby drives to class. Like a BAWSEEE. Hahaha. But during my final moments before giving birth was the hardest.  I had a pitching for my Creative class assignment in the morning, but the night before i had noticed baby wasn’t moving so much. Went to check at the clinic and Dr said baby’s umbilical chord was around baby’s neck. :( So we rushed straight to KPJ Kajang to which i was admitted for 2 days, and missed on my Pitching assignment. But with the wonderful team mates i had, they said it was okay. LOVE YOU GUYS! Alhamdulillah i got discharged after 2 days, and baby was fine. 1 week later i started having Braxton Hicks, but it was all good at that time. Then, on a Wednesday morning, i was getting ready to go to 3rd Language class, i started to feel the nerve of not being able to go to the toilet in time (peeing before i reach the toilet). Then contractions started. Blablabla, then gave birth. Next day discharge and had 2 weeks of maternity leave only, because i had to go back to Uni to catch up on all my assignments, test and final exams. The results, Alhamdulillah.

Semester 5
Classes, tests, assignments, and baby boo. It was tough at first, but once i got used to it, everything was smooth. Woke up at 5 in the morning to send Yusuff to his Nenek’s house in KL, and went to Uni. My daily routine until semester ended. So during the final exam days, had Hubs baby sit Yusuff while i studied (NOT). hahaha I hate studying the most man, probably go through my notes once and start playing around with Yusuff. All in all, the results Alhamdullah.

Semester 6/ Internship at Optimedia MY
Daily routine, leaving Yusuff at his Nenek’s house and will go to work. Internship at Optimedia MY was fun, and i learnt a lot from my office mates. Because of that i managed to get an A+ for it. Woop woop. My first 4 flat in my life. HAHAHAHAHA

With this, i am going to be graduating with Vice Chancellor Award. I would like to thank my Mother Prof Dr Normaliza Abd Rahim, for giving me strength and always giving me good feedback all through my degree journey. Husband Muhammad Khairul Adlan who has always been there to listen to all by grumbles about workload and stuff and also Muhammad Yusuff Al-Akhtar for brightening up my life. My dad Roslan bin osman, my in-laws and my siblings, Along, Abang Eman, Kakak, Abang Mamat and Alim for giving support all through the journey and my nieces and nephews Lana, Sofea, Laya, Mateen and new baby otw.

This is all for you guys!!

Much love!