Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My 17th Birthday at Bluecoat Sixth Form

Missing all you guys soo much!!! <3

23 November 2012- Busan, South Korea

Hey peeps,
This is my new blog, 
Well since Google said that i had too many pictures on my previous one,
and wanted me to pay if i wanted to download more,
might as well do a new account innit?

so i went to Busan recently,
with Dongsaeng and Mum,

it was free,
because it was an offer what not,

so we were on the bus for like 5 hours to go,
and 5 hours back,
not to forget 1 hour to Seoul,
and 1 hour back,

so we spent 12 hours on the bus! 
Oh my my my

enjoy si picasa!!