Thursday, 11 July 2013

Semester 4 already :'(

I don't know, but things are getting emotional lately,
Is it just me, or is time really going by so fast.

I can't believe that I am already n semester 2, second ear and just 2 more semesters to go,
I'm not ready to leave Melaka just yet,
not yet,
not ready to leave MMCF 2011/2012/2012.2014

We've gone through thick and thin together,
and you guys still make me laugh everyday in class,
i think leaving Melaka is not as bad as leaving all my class mates,

They loved me as i was,
We cry and laugh together in class,
We hug and fight with each other,
and i couldn't ask for a more caring and loving class mates like you guys,

Thank you for being the coolest, and awesomest class mates ever,
Let's make this semester and the upcoming 2 semesters count,
Let's cry more and laugh more together, because i know i'll miss those moments the most,

And i know after Diploma i won't be able to have the same class mates,
Because i'll be going into a different path as there's,
But you know what?!!
Our memories that we have built together for the past semester,
i have to say they are the best memories i have of you guys!

Let's take a look back okay:


PPKP Semester 4

Enjoy ze class mates! :)