Friday, 25 October 2013

Mother's 52nd Birthday 7 October 1961

Sorry for the very late post,

On October 7th we celebrated Mum's Birthday at home.

My final paper was on that day,
so i was super excited,
 so after i finished my paper,
Straight away drove back home with my Baju Kurung,
met Kakak Maisarah down stairs,
then went up up to ze house

Then it was like surprise, but Mum was all like: 
Mum: Where's my princess Sofea?
Me: What about me Mum?
Mum: Sofea my baby bushuk.
Me: MUM! ME!
Mum: Awww how grandma misses you
Me: -_-''


Happy 52nd Birthday very young and younger Grandma of 3!!!

Payback!!!!! Muahahha Bullying in lil Sofea

Mums hand

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The end of Semester 4, good bye.

There you have it guys, yesterday i just ended my Fourth Semester in Diploma in Communication and Media Studies.2 more to go then I'll officially get my Diploma.

Went through many hardships for this semester and i hope it was worth it.

Loads of assignments, so little time. Actually not so little time because we did it last minute anyways, that's why it was more stressful.

Hoping that Arina  moves into my class next semester so i actually have a true friend to work with.

My laptop screen early in the semester

My laptop screen today
See you Melaka in 6 weeks time. Gonna enjoy my semester break. :)

Until then

Monday, 30 September 2013

Final Exams

Hello to my very dusty blog,

I would just like to tell you that I am doing my Final Exams now,
time flies so fast and i'm already ending my fourth semester.

So many things happened this semester,
more things to happen next year making me so excited.


I worked really hard this semester in my studies,
so i won't put any high hopes for my results,
i don't want it to happen like last semester.

It happens every year, 
i will not sleep the night the results come out
and when i do i dream of terrible things,
like how to tell Mum and everything,
joke isn't it.

Semester break is coming,
hope to clean the dusty blog a bit.

until then

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Photo Communication

Hello there people,
Well recently I've been flooded with so many assignments to do,
even though it's like Eid in a few days,
still need to think of all these assignments,
and i still on't understand how to do them,
since its all group work,
i shall have to wait until the holiday finish and do it together.

So far these are some pictures for my Photo Communication Project:

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Semester 4 already :'(

I don't know, but things are getting emotional lately,
Is it just me, or is time really going by so fast.

I can't believe that I am already n semester 2, second ear and just 2 more semesters to go,
I'm not ready to leave Melaka just yet,
not yet,
not ready to leave MMCF 2011/2012/2012.2014

We've gone through thick and thin together,
and you guys still make me laugh everyday in class,
i think leaving Melaka is not as bad as leaving all my class mates,

They loved me as i was,
We cry and laugh together in class,
We hug and fight with each other,
and i couldn't ask for a more caring and loving class mates like you guys,

Thank you for being the coolest, and awesomest class mates ever,
Let's make this semester and the upcoming 2 semesters count,
Let's cry more and laugh more together, because i know i'll miss those moments the most,

And i know after Diploma i won't be able to have the same class mates,
Because i'll be going into a different path as there's,
But you know what?!!
Our memories that we have built together for the past semester,
i have to say they are the best memories i have of you guys!

Let's take a look back okay: