Monday, 31 December 2012

Interesting isn't it?

It's interesting,
Things are getting interesting,
How interesting?
As interesting as how pretty I am,

But why is it interesting?
Because the most interesting part is the best?

Why are we talking about interesting?
Because if you say interesting so many times you will wonder why is it interesting, why is it spelled that way and finally you won't be even saying interesting the proper way!

So that's how interesting the interesting word is! Interesting aye?

Where to next?


*Dancing like a rock star I am

Can't wait to go

Gonna take loads of pictures

Maybe find myself a boyfriend



all my troubles seem so far away,
but now there here to stay,
and yesterday

So as i was saying, yesterday I arrived at Melaka at 3PM, so arrived in my room and cleaned a little, since it was messy. Then I showered since it was hot and all. Thought the high way was going to be full of cars since school children will soon be starting school, but then i thought wrong.  So Alhamdulillah i arrived safetly.

So at night we gathered at Bentara Cafe next to my college to finish our assignment, so we all gathered around 8PM discussed and everything, and time flew by so fast it was already 11PM.

It was getting late so we all went back our Collages. Arrived in the room and turned my laptop on and carried on with the work.

Then i printed out all my notes for all the subjects i got, so it took quite awhile

Then watched a movie until 5AM

Then eventually fell asleep,

Then woke up at 7AM to get ready for class

Now i want to sleep please

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Date With Le Siblings

We went out yesterday and ate Johnnys. Yummylicious! So we ate and ate and ate


So Abang Mamat told me to find a boyfriend, i have no idea why. What a weird supportive brother you are. Yes there are millions of guys at UiTM Lendu, well not specifically millions, but hundreds maybe. Okay that was more realistic. Everyday i encounter with gorgeous looking guys, but i don't know. There's no spark i guess (cewaaah)

Like i said previously, i went to Sungai Petani, Kedah remember. So we were in the van waiting for the driver to come in. So i said to one of my guy friends to try and get another guys number. Then i pointed to which guy i wanted to. So he then went and asked for his number, talked a little, he came into the van and gave me the number. I was like, you for real bro!

Hahahaha so got the guys number, then when the guy walked passed our van, they opened the window and handed a paper flower to him and said it was from me. So all i can do was smile really awkwardly.

I text-ed the guy afterwards saying enjoy the girt from UiTM Melaka, he then texted, wahhh thank you seriously, your very talented. Truth is i didn't do it. So being the good girl i am, i replied: Owhh well, thank you!

Then he said he had a little work and he would text me if he could join any programs with Melaka campus, and i was like cool! Call me!

and today. well today i ate a lot really!

That's it!




promised mother to update my blog, but ever since i came back home, all i do is eat and sleep. So let's put all the blame on Sister shall we? She's been feeding me none stop, so don't blame me that i put on weight, blame the one who cooked and took us out to dinner.

So going back to campus tomorrow, after Dzuhur prayer, because i want to beat the Jam! Loads of assignments to so. Tomorrow night my group will have to finish our proposal, then our Psychology assignment.

Tuesday night we have to do a meeting on our short film, and edit the script. But since we have the whole Tuesday to our selves, i think we might spend the whole day doing the assignmant

So this post is all about stupid assignments that i have to do. This semester is going to be hectic.

Short Film

Interview an Artist

and a lot more and more and more!!

*can i go back to Korea please?

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

21- 23 December 2012- Sungai Petani, Kedah

Hello there peeps!
So last Friday, I went to a seminar held by ANGKASA,
at Park Avenue, Sungai Petani, Kedah!

So yes it took 8 bloody hours on the van,
and yes my back bloody hurt,

but again, i kind of enjoyed myself!
So the night before i already called up my lecturer and asked what time is the van going to arrive,
and she said, be at E-Point before 7AM,
so there i was 7AM on the dot, all dolled up and everything,
wearing my baju kurung and all,
so half an hour has passed then my friend Saufi arrived,

then a few minutes have passed and we decided to call our lecturer,
and she said, hold on a minute, she's going to call another lecturer,

so at 8.30AM then the van arrived, 
and the lecturer said: Widad i forgot to tell you, you don't have to wear baju kurung

so i thought to myself,
am i going to wear baju kurung for 8 hours on a van,
or am i going to change,

without further thought,
I quickly changed into a very nice ooutfit! 

Then we met 4 guys from the Bandar Raya campus,
Marketing Degree students,
and what can i say,
they are FINEEE!!

so we took of at 9AM and stopped by a shop at the side of the road for breakfast,

then took off again,

then stopped at Tapah for lunch,

and stopped again,

and then we finally arrived,

and then..... just look at the pictures!

 Our hotel!

 The hall way of le hotel!

Funny story really,
so we arrived at the hotel around 5PM,
and the person in charge taking care of us partnered me up with another girl from UiTM Kedah,
because all the other people from Melaka were all boys,

So she gave me the room number,
and my partner's number!
She said to call her because there is only one key,

So got her number and called,
and she said can you wait a moment,
because she's at Tesco and all,
so i said okay!

The she text-ed, can you like chill at your friends room or something,
because i want to eat first,
and i was like! WTH!

So i text-ed her back, 
all my friend are boys so what was i supposed to do,

she just started eating, 
so being the good girl i am,
i waited,
and took so long!

and then the story continues!!

 Me room! So big!
So like i got the big room to myself for both night,
because me room mate's house was near the hotel,
so she stayed at her house,
so what was there to complained,
i partay-ed all night long! A.K.A SLEEP!

After i took a loong shower,
prayed and got myself ready for the first talk that night!

my cute adorable senior friend!

Yes the camera that he brought is full with my pictures!

Second day i decided to look a little formal,
with my Shirt and Coat,
I looked like a professional,

What can i say,
i had to stand out with my red coat!
my bad!

Dinner is served! 
Picture taken by Saufi's camera!

Fifi and Adha,
from my campus!

We had an opening on Saturday night,
so we got a little gift by the organisation who organised the event

 I as the only girl representative from Melaka had to be the one receiving the gift,
so wore my baju kurung that i had worn on the previous day,
and a little sparkle under my eyes!

 Me and Abg Wadi!

 Abang Amnan and Abang Wadi having a serious discussion!

Taking some pictures

Didn't have time to go to the lounge!
Darn it!

A gift from Abang Fais,
he made me a Rose Tissue!

 Food glorious food!

Abang Fais,
the adorable one!

the handsome one

the honest one

Abang Im,
the happy one!

So it was an adventure that i will remember for sure,
got to meet new people,
and get close to them!

we will meet again one day!

Until the next post!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

It has started? Say what?

So class has started, and it's already week 2, and it's already ending. Next week will be week 3, OH MAI DAIZZZ!

So getting really busy lately,

so i don't have time to update my blog,

but i will try my best,


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pre- Braces: Teeth 1

Hello there,

Like i sad in my previous post,
I shall explain in this post, owh yes I am in the mood to actually update my blog, so don't say a word at all!

BEWARE: I don't know how to differentiate TOOTH and TEETH!

So you all may not know, i have registered myself to get braces done. 1 year on the waiting list and my name has finally been called for. Yippy di doo!!

So today, well like the Dr explained on my previous visit, one week before i wear the braces i have to take out 4 teethes, healthy strong teethes!

So my appointment to wear braces is in a months time so i have to pull out one by one of the teeth that are needed to be pulled out. Dr said that i can't pull all four in one day,

so one by one, and in three days, i can only pull 1 teeth out.

So today was the day, the day i pull out my first tooth. woke up extra early this morning, and went to the hospital to make sure that we were early. Because me and Dad was afraid that the hospital would be full of people.

So when my turn came up, the Dr asked if i have eaten yet, and i said no. She then told me to go down at eat, because it will take a few hours until i can eat. Because they don't know if there will be a lo of bleeding.

So after i ate, went back up to the room. Sat in the chair. Then the Dr injected in some thingy around the teeth that she was gonna pull out. Then told me to wait outside for a few minutes until around the teeth i feel numb.

Then went back in side, and it all started. I could see the light! wait that was the light coming from the chair, ahahahaha

So opened my mouth nice and wide! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Then she took one of her tools and started to like dig around the teeth, and then she took what looked like a plyer (medically) and started to pull the teeth. As you all may know, pulling out a healthy strong teeth is very hard and tough, so another nurse came and held my head. Took about 4 minute to take the teeth out. Then she quickly put in what they call GAUZE. 

Then walla, it was all done. Dad drove back home, well since i looked sick, hahahaha!

The Doctor game me extra gauze to change when the other one is full of blood, and 2 pills. To only take them if it hurts, and if it doesn't hurt don't take them. Told Dad to drive quickly because the gauze was full of blood.

Reached home and gargled COLD water from the fridge, cleaned the whole mouth because it was full of water, and rinsed it with COLD water again. Then put the new gauze on the bloody area. Then went on me bed, started to play twitter, and kept on whining saying it hurts to myself, while Dad went out to by me porridge.

Then i couldn't take it anymore, went to the toilet to change the gauze again, washed and rinsed with cold water, and took the i think pain killer pills, and put in a new gauze. Went in my room, and straight away i went to sleep. Hahahaha

The only way to reduce pain is to sleep really!

Then around 2 i think Dad woke me up to take the gauze out because it was full of blood, and gave me the porridge. Took out the gauze and the bleeding has already stopped. So i ate the porridge nice and really really slowly!

and that was it. 

The next teeth will be pulled out next week,


More porridge and cold water and ice- cream i guess! Since i can only eat that!

Until the next post!

Collage Activities

Hey everyone,

Okay college activities has already started, and it's only the beginning of the semester. They say they want to do all the collage activities before Christmas holidays. That only means one thing. Cramping every single activity in a week. 

So this week there is so many activities, all for semester one student.

Thursday: Mosque Activity

Friday: Collage Meeting

Saturday: Collage Gotong Royong

Sunday: Masscomm Semester One Student Induction/ Collage Semester One Student Induction

For me, well for me i have to go to all the activities above, but again this is Widad, I own the University.

Here I am at Dad's house, blogging like a boss and not caring about anything else in the world. So i'm not going to any of the activities, so what! I don't care anymore! Na'ah! *stomp feet!

Come on man, not all activities are necessary, plus we have a life!

Owh ya, For the masscomm induction they have already invited me to attend, and my answer was: Insyallah.

If time let's me i will go, to cheer on my fellow juniors! Because Masscomm Induction is the best induction. I'll pick masscomm induction over collage induction anytime man!


so going to bed in a bit, maybe......


i'll story you on my second post,

not anytime soon though!!


Sunday, 2 December 2012

First Day of Class

Hello there everybody, so some may know that I have recently came back to Malaysia, what can i say i miss Malaysia too much! hehehehe! But truth is, is that class has started for my 3rd semester, that's why i was forced to come back to Malaysia.

Yesterday I arrived at Melaka around 11AM and put all my stuff in my room and all. Went out to buy uncompleted things and some nik naks! Then came back to the room and cleaned it tip top. Putting all my clothes away.

yeah FYI this semester i didn't bring much clothes after being told by everyone to lessen what i bring, so this semester i didn't bring much but enough i think! I can always go home and bring more anyways hehehe!

This picture was taken yesterday when i was cleaning my room. My bed is on top! But believe me it's clean now!
I got the new hostel so i have 2 room mates and they are both very nice since they are my age. 

So today was my first day of class and it was somehow fun because i got to meet all my class  mates again, and somehow unbelievable since I still can't get over that I am no longer in Korea but in Malaysia. The weather here is incredibly hot not like Korea incredibly Cold! So i need to go to a place where it's just nice!

I have another class this afternoon to which i can't be bothered to go, but i have too! Being the good girl I am! Promised Mummy i will try to decrease the solid fat inside me to get a new phone. So Insyallah I will try my best!

So until the next post....adios!