Monday, 29 April 2013

Gwenma and Me

Hello eberywan. Mai naym is Lana Al-Dayyana. Ai lub mai gwenma. Muah muah. Gwenma Notts.

Thank You Along

Went for Family lunch yesterday in celebration for Along's bonus at Pizza Sanfrancisco The Mines. So we ate and ate and ate. Stopped. Walked around and ate desert.

Thank you again along for buying me a pair of shoes too. Loving it.

Muchos Gracias Along. I hope many returns to you in the near future. Hugs and kisses from me your TEN YEARS YOUNGER LITTLE SISTER Widad. :)


Friday, 19 April 2013

Semester 3. Alhamdulillah

Well 14 weeks of Classes. Many days of Holidays.
Finally my Semester 3 has ended with a blast.
Ended my Semester 3 and Final Exams on my Birthday,
I couldn't ask for anything better.

Bellow are some pictures all through my semester 3:-

With Syida Zainordin in the library for our English Consultation class. Bored

Tennis session with Zaki Abdullah

Work out event with Zaki Abdullah and Aizzat Fadzil

Went to Indonesia as the representative for UiTM Melaka, and proud! :)

CTU presentation with Inani Othman (Adek)

Class Room games in BEL

ISFAL 2013 Committee Meeting

With my Baby Arina Faisal

Psychology Presentation with Atikah Baharom

Getting Ready for ISFAL 2013, Aqalili Azizan and Khairul Marni


Public Relations interview at Metrowealth with Aliff Shariff, Nadhirah Elias and Taufiq Abdullah

Pengkalan Balak with Arina Filzah

Instructional Communication presentation with
Taufiq Abdullah, Atikah Baharom, Aliff Shariff and A'tiq Shahruddin

Final Exams with Muhammad Khairul Adlan Bin Marni

It was a wonderful semester 3,
i learnt a lot, and gained a lot too,
I am thankful to all the lecturers who have taught me through out the semester,
well having to cope with my incredibly cute attitude of mine,

Thank you to all friends who were there too,
and yes, this semester i traveled a lot too,
so i hope to travel more in the next semester,
learn more,
and be able to return the knowledge that i gain by teaching others,
or give examples to others,
as it is not nice to not share.

Until i have another story to tell on my ridiculousness cute blog of my,
until then,


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Full Stop is it?

I want to write tonight. But i don't feel like writing tonight. So i shan't write tonight. But i shall try to write tomorrow.



Saturday, 13 April 2013

Chocolaty Abs All The Way *wink wink

So i am trying to fond some ideas on what to write about, and i have no idea what to write about. Mr Khairul is encouraging to write more blog post, so here i am trying to encourage myself to write some crap.

So, what so again? So i'm trying to go in this ridiculous diet where i am not aloud to eat rice, but never worked. The diet sucks not me but the diet. Who ever came up with rice in the first place? It's delicious and full of fat. Yes i say it's ridiculousness because every time i eat it i gain weight. Not trying to be harsh or anything, but all food are mean and stupid and you know like 'eat me please! you'll be satisfied'. I'm satisfied alright, but my weight ain't satisfying me nor anyone for that matter. So just stop food from trying to seduce for eating you. I already broke up with Mr Ferero Roche because of the (OH MAI DAIZ mouth watering chocolate bonanza) tasteless (yummyness) that i taste in them.

I am now officially dating Mr Kinder Bueno. Well he's so kind to me. The satisfaction  The chocolaty good taste. The waffles, i can go on for days and days trying to describe how incredibly good he is. He has an 8 packs, chocolaty abs to die for and agagagagga *faints.

Apparently I am trying my hardest to stay away from them, but they just like me so much. Calling my name and all. Come on whats with the "Widad eat me now" thing. I will when i want to. Just stay in the fridge and i can help myself. I know when i crave for something sweet.

So here's me talking about chocolates like i have no life. Wait i don't! Okay bye!

Until the next post

Arigatou to you and you and you and you!

May the chocolate forces be with you tonight.


Friday, 12 April 2013

2 Months Holiday

Yeah i know right. What? Me? Holidays? What nonsense. Well believe it. After 14 weeks of lectures. Many days of... hmmm public hoildays (P.S Melaka has a lot of public holidays, so i'm just enjoying them all). 3 Weeks of final exams. My birthday and all and yes i'm finally here. My 2 month holiday has began. Yesterday was my last exam paper to which was Principles to Psychology. Right after my paper of Introduction to taking Austronomy in your dreams! Muehehehehe

So far i studies really hard for Introduction to Austronomy in your dreams paper. I think i'm going to get A++++ for that subjects. Since i slept all the way through it. Agagagagaga

Kidding. Believe it or not, i studied Principles to Psychology from chapter 7-14 in a day. Proud of myself in fact. Studied in the morning. Followed Mum to the bank, then went back home and studied some more until late night. Still proud of myself. 

So i think i've got my whole two months holiday planned. Currently at DePalma Hotel, Kuala Selangor following Mum to work until Sunday. Doing something on Monday til Friday. Then i have Korean classes on either Friday of Saturday. Then cousin's engagement ceremony on Sunday and going to Dad's house at Taiping on Monday. Dentist appointment on Tuesday and lazying around until Thursday. Then coming back to Nilai for Korean classes at Sunway Pyramid. Then i think i have to go back to Taiping at Dad's house since he said he has a job for me. So a few weeks before my semester starts, I'm going on holiday holiday at Bandung with le family. Yippy. More shopping.

I actually have other plans to you know besides just holiday-ing. I also have work to do. Have i ever told you that i was recently nominated to be the vice president for Koperasi Siswa Cawangan Melaka. Yeah will I am now officially the Vice President for Koperasi Siswa UiTM Cawangan Melaka. Who would have know right, me? Vice president for something big. Well been busy helping do the logo and i have to do the header, i think its called header. You know that thing you have on letters right at the top. Where they have your company logo and details and crap. Dangggg i forgot what it's called. ahmmm wait... getting it.. It's letter head. Dummy Widad. Asked Khairul to do the logo. Bless him ya know. Getting calls and messages telling him what to change on the logo and all. Soorry Khairul. All your design are pretty, but thing is, I'm pretty! WHAT?

So rumor has it that the head of Koperasi wants to send some students to Chine for Entrepreneurship Workshop. I really do hope it happens, because i am dying to go to China a learn some business there. Come on, please. Please make it happen. Ai is want to go. They said they want to do it this month, then some said next month. Agagagaga

Plus been told by my adviser not to go out of the country because there might be workshops in the semester break that i have to attend because i'm the vice president and all. Well i am trying my best not to be that busy. Come on my 2 month holiday is already packed with... emmmmm SLEEP and EATING. You know i would choose those two over everything. Muhahaha I dun care!!!

I am actually psyched that i got chosen to be vice president you know. I've never held such important role in anything as yet. I just participate actively in every single activity that i join, but never got a chance to be a high committee of something. teeeheee :)

By joining the Koperasi Siswa thingy i do get a lot of advantages, and the one i love most is that i actually get to travel, and learn about business. Remember i posted about me going Indonesia, well it was one of the trip under Koperasi thingy anyways. 


Well, I'm going to fully utilize my holiday.


until the next post


Happy 19th Birthday Nur Widad Roslan

Ahhhh I can already hear the fire works. Hehehehe! I would like to wish myself a Happy Happy Birthday. Happy 19th getting older every year birthday Widad. May you live a long and bless full life. Sounds really weird wishing my self. But truth is, i don't care much.

Well spend my Birthday studying for exams that I had that afternoon. But the day before Mr Khairul and Arina made a surprise Birthday treat for me. They brought me Pizza and sang me Happy Birthday like in front of a lot of people *ahh blushing

So Khairul bought me a bouquet of i think roses and couple rings. Hehehe me likey, and and and i got shoes from his Mom. Startled me a little, but thank you so much anyways.

I can;t believe that I'm already 19. I am soo getting old, i can't believe this. Can i please turn back time a go back when i was young. You know not thinking of anything else in the world and just what ever i want to do. Play all day and not have to think about exams or whats going to happen next semester. Everything freaks me out like literally.

So i am spending my post birthday at DePalma Hotel at Kuala Selangor. Followed Mum because she has work here with Along and Alim. Enjoying every bit of it. Had a post Birthday breakfast at Mamak stall and Post Birthday Lunch at KFC.

Had a blast on my birthday. Well spend last years Birthday at Korea, the year before at Brunei (i think) and the year before at Nottingham. So i couldn't ask for a better birthday than this birthday.

Thank you everyone for wishing on my birthday, i really do appreciate it. Muah Muah Muah for all and all the good night. :)

Until the next birthday... adios!

Eh, i mean.. until the next post Annyeong!