Thursday, 30 May 2013

POST 21: Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do

I was looking through my phone I can't believe that I still have the print screen I took of the weather when I first visited Korea. Man how I missed Korea. Mum said that we might be going next year for shopping. So saving up. Yeyyyy!!

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Monday, 27 May 2013

POST 20: 27 May 2013,Day out at Alamanda

I got to say, i was pretty good!

Teeeheeee Me and Khairul :)

Khairul with little brother Alim and Mother :)

Mum i got a strike!

Yes Khairul, play against the teenager!

We went to eat at Johnny's until we were full,
then we went to play bowling, 5 games each, cross lane,
then we went to the arcade across the bowling place,
then we went for a walk around Alamanda,
the stopped at Subway for dinner,
and then we went home,
it was a fun filled day,
much well spent

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POST 19: Ice- Skating, Nottingham

Because i have no idea what to update any more,
yep because i'm cool like that

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POST 18: One day please

One day i hope to visit Nottingham again. :)

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POST 17: Sofea Al-Latisya and Lana Al-Dayyana

Because I miss them,

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POST 16: Jeanie in the hat?

Model: Muhammad Mustaqim Roslan
Interested please contact me through every social networking site,

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POST 15: Cousins Engagement Day

The lucky girl

Discussions between all the family members from Mum's side

Twin brother Muhammad Mustaqim Roslan

All the eldest

The boys

Nur Maisarah, Nur Widad and Siti Nur Aliaa

What a good diet

and they say  wasn't on my diet!

Awwwww Awww Awwwwww

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POST 14: Activities that makes my day

Playing around with Sofea Al-Latisya

and again and again and again,
and i never get tired of her,
at all

Hanging out with le siblings

Spending quality time with 3 of the youngest in the family

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POST 13: Baby Sofea, 1 Days Old - 2012

17 more to go

POST 12: Playing around

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