Saturday, 6 June 2015

6th December 2014, Widad and Khairul's Soleminization (Akad Nikah)

So as many of you know, that i'm already married.
I'm sorry it's taking me so long to update my blog. I just can't be bothered, hahaha

So the solemnization was held on the 6th of December 2014, on Saturday,
woke up at 4AM to shower and get ready,
but actually i didn't even get to sleep a wink.

So after i got all dressed (in regular clothes),
Me, Mum and Along drove off to Kakak's house,
that's where i was getting ready for the solemization.

So arrived and did my Fajr prayer at Kakak's house,
 6.30AM and the makeup lady hasn't arrived yet, to which made i more nervous

In the other hand, kept calling Khairul to make sure he had
remembered today was actually his wedding day, hoped so haha

So the makeup lady finally arrived around 7AM ish, and started to make me up straight away,
Me getting all nervous, like yes sooo nervous

So when she was about ti finish with my make, she told me to wear my Jubbah (Abaya) first,
for the Solemnization, i wore an Jubbah (Abaya) designed and made by Don Khair,

So after that she finished my make up,
and couldn't believe that I would be getting married. It all felt like a movie

 So after that, i wore my Selendang (Scarf) and Veil,

and there i was, all ready, to go get married :'( Pffft nervous

So from Kakak's place to the Masjid (Mosque) was around 5 minutes,
wore my beautiful white shoes in the car while sitting next to Mummy,

Nervous to the MAX

So arrived at the Mosque and Khairul's family was already there,
thus the journal shall start from the pictures below as i can't be bothered to type anymore,


 Setting up the Dulang's

Someone's getting his make up done, :P

My beautiful bridesmaid, and me Siti Noorliana Aleena

Nervous, couldn't really move. 
I'm pretty sure i wanted to pee hahaha

P.S: The bouquet was made by my sister Along 

Lana: Auntie Princess (Awwwww)

Khairul's Side

Me and Abang Mamat

Me and Alim

Hantaran is a Malaysia Culture,
or in other words the exchange of gifts from one side to the other
So i gvae Khairul 11, and he gave me 9
Why the odd number? Well it has to be in odd numbers,
and the bride has to give 2 more than the groom

My hantaran to him,
all designed by Along
Helped by Mum, Kakak and Me

His hantaran for me:

The nervousness
Just moments we were declared as Husband and Wife, you could see the nervousness on his face,
and mine, hahaha

Nervous Laugh

The 'Akad'

 Daddy, Akad-ing the Nikah, look at both faces 

 Yes, paparazzi everywhere

Alhamdulillah, I am a wife to a Muhammad Khairul Adlan

After that was the giving the money for 'Mas Kawin'
Still couldn't believe we're married

The putting the ring in the fat brides fingers, Alhamdulillah it fit, hahah no offence finger

The 'After effect'- 'm a wife now! WOW~

So basically this was during Khairul performing his 'Sujud Syukur',
and i whispered to Liana that i couldn't feel know move my legs,
because i was sitting so long.
She laughed and tried moving my leg which made it worse
We both couldn't stop laughing though
Because i was wondering how i would stand up after this, hahaha

The 'Mas Kawin' money, KA-CHINGGG

 I love you Mum, thank you for everything. 
Until now and forever :')
and Daddy, my Wali hehehehe


We're married! <3