Thursday, 16 February 2017

Muhammad Yusuff Al-Akhtar's growing up journey ! It's been a wonderful bumpy marvellous ride!

Hi to all my avid blog readers: MUM!
hahaha (I hardly have any other blog readers)

It's been a wonderful journey seeing my son grow up in front of my eyes,

What makes it more wonderful is that, he has grown up to be more mature day by day.

Do, like everybody knows, i hate to write long posts. 

So feast your eyes with my baby boy's picture!

Much love,


Baby and me. Ibu, you don't give me food, i eat my fingers.

My Baby after a looong nap, ready to shower!

Where we going again Mum?

Hot from the oven!

My first Birthday celebration with my baby boy. He was 5 Months!

First swim sesh! Chilling like a bawse!

Look at that smile!


Mimma and Yusuff <3

What's so interesting under the table? Duhh

Why so adorable?

Taking over Grandma's living room!

What Mum? I can't eat it?

Always want to take my picture. Sheesh!

No, don't want to sleep!

Yusuff during his "i want to stand up" phase!

Yusuff and Mateen's Aqiqah Day!

Yusuff OOTD baybeh!

Yusuff the fashionista

Yusudd, OOT and pacifier!

For any enquiries for my baby to model your clothes, do let me know!

Hahaha promote anak

mak sapa tak promote anak

Macam: "Anak aku, dia tu memang terbaik ah"

Standard mak mak bercakap.


Thanks for reading!

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