Thursday, 2 February 2017

YBhg Professor Dr Normaliza Abd Rahim

YBhg Professor Dr Normaliza Abd Rahim

Yep, you read that right!

My mother ladies and gentleman, 

After many many many many months in applying to get promotion to Professorship (VK7), Alhamdulillah yesterday the best news ever came. Allah SWT has answered my prayers! 

You certainly deserved it. 

After weeks on getting together all the certificates, tracking back on all the journals, books, publications. All laid out infront of my very own eyes, it made me realise that pleasure in life doesn't come easy. Everything comes with a cost. To be able to work only2 days in a week will take about 40+ years of service. Nothing comes easy man. Not only 40+ years of service, but also a bad shoulder, bad knee muscles and also a lot of white hair on my Mum's head. 

Again, nothing comes cheap.


My mother did it all for us, for all 6 of us + 5 (1 on the way) grandson/daughter + 3 daughter/son in-law.

After she went to Korea in 2012 to be a visiting Professor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


In a foreign land, filled with Hot Korea actors,


With the hot Korean actors,

Sigh.... (not with me)

Then she came back to Malaysia.

and yet again, she managed to go again back to Korea, by herself, again

To get more money for us


This time... with Gong Yoo (GOBLIN)

Sigh ....... (Jasper kau di lupakan- jangan terasa hati)

But all that hard work paid off, you finally got your dream!

We are the proudest children, and no one can be as hard working as you are,

Our role model, our hero, our everything

Isn't my Mum adorable,


Love you MUM!

See you soon end of April,


Loads of love,
Widad, Khairul and Yusuff



  1. hahhahah post ni kelakar. best sangat. mana gambar musuf kena masukkan jugak

  2. Akan di-update tonight with pictures. Need to transfer into my laptop <3