Monday, 15 October 2018

Miscarriage: A lesson


Not many know of this story, but before i was pregnant with my second born, i had a miscarriage at 12 weeks. I was going through an emotional distress over all the things that was happening around me and i didn't handle it pretty well to which had caused the miscarriage. There was already signs during the 10th week when i had PV bleeding. Went to the emergency room for a total of 4 times before Baby Abdullah finally came out by himself at 7.10AM on Friday.

It's a sensitive topic to talk about, but miscarriage does happen to women regardless the cause. It was a sign for me to stop taking Dunya seriously as it is only momentarily. I was given a weeks rest to recover. I was physically drained as i lost a lot of blood, but emotionally i was in a state that i couldn't explain. I felt sad that i lost my baby, but at the same time i couldn't shed a single tear as what happened had already happened and i can't turn back time to not make it happen. That's life i guess.

I had to be strong and say i was okay. I had to influence myself and say it was not my fault. I didn't know how to explain to people if they asked how was my pregnancy. But, with being strong i managed to pull myself together and go back to work the following week. I had to keep myself distracted so that i can be happy of what i have now and not indulge in what i have lost. I turned the miscarriage into a lesson where i should enjoy my life and take care of myself rather than worrying about what others will think about me.

Now i know what it felt like to have a miscarriage, and imagine to those who had a miscarriage later in their pregnancy where they could see the baby already. Imagine the emotional stress they had to go through to bury their baby. My condolences to all those mothers who lost their babies, i couldn't imagine what it's like.

But, as i quote "after every thunderstorm, there is a rainbow - Shannon L. Alder".

Two months after the miscarriage i was welcomed with amazing news that i was pregnant again Alhamdulillah. this time i'm gonna make sure not to let anything take me down. 9 months on, i welcomed a healthy baby boy at 36 weeks. The healthy baby boy you can read on my previous post. :)

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