Monday, 20 May 2013

POST 10: Throwback 2010 = Back to Nottingham

After staying 2 weeks in Ireland we decided to move to Nottingham instead,
So we took the morning flight back to Nottingham,
From east midlands airport we took the taxi to a hotel in Town,
like always our favorite hotel Travelodge

So checked in our hotel,
and went to town to buy some lunch,
Everyone was starving,
So what do we buy when we haven't been to Nottingham in ages,
especially in town?

It's Jacket Potatoes obviously,
They are like the most marvelous, delicious food you can eat in town,
and you'd be full after eating half of it,
and yes i am actually craving for it now!,

Next best food is Milli's Cookies,
Can you really go to town and not buy the,
well apparently a lot of you can, but we can't!
Mummy loves Millie's cookies soo much,
we bought a dozen before we came back to Malaysia!

Our hotel room, pretty messy isn't it?

Lunch anybody?
So me and Alim stayed in the hotel for 1 whole day really,
Since we stayed for nearly 3 days,
so we stayed in the hotel quietly while Mum and Along went house and car hunting,
i was sick anyways so i couldn't really go out

and finally with the hard work of our two hero's in the family (Mum and Along)
they managed to find a nice house at Radford Grove Lane,
a very nice house really
So we were waiting for the taxi to come and pick us up,
to send to our house, yippy!
a house!

This is what i say the most wicked dinner ever,
we settled in our house and Mum and Along straight away went to ASDA to buy food and supplies,

and yes guess what we had for our Eid Mubarak Food,
Pizza with Rendang,
cool aren't we?!!!

Happy Eid Everyone! Hehehehehehe
Eid 2010, the coolest so far! :)

20 more to go

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