Saturday, 18 May 2013

POST 2: Mid Valley

Woke up early in the morning,
Took 5 minutes to shower and 30 minutes to actually pick what i want to wear,
come on bear in mine that we will be going to Mid Valley,
and i do need to look prettay,
Even though i am already pretty,
so i should have said prettier! Muahahahha
5 minutes for simple make up, 
Eyeliner, Mascara and that's that. hahahha

The off we went to Mid Valley,
Yippy di doo!

So this was my #OOTD
Hilarious really,
I used to read OOTD on Instagram everyday,
and it actually took me while to actually know what t meant,
duhhhh WIDAD
OOTD= Outfit Of The Day 

So the first thing we did when we arrived,
find the food court,
and yes keep in mind,
it's been ages since we last went to Mid Valley,
So it took 10 minutes for us to find it, and finally did

Mum wanted Korean Cuisine,
So Mum order Dwaenjag Jiggae which was not really Dwaenjang Jiggae,
I order Bimbimbap to which tasted not so nice.
And then met a junior from UiTM,
She came and shook my hand,
Called me Kakak, 
Well because i am very well known at my Univeristy,
and and and,
she said i looked pretty *blushing

After the not-so-Korean-Cuisine,
we decided to play laser tag,
Well because when trying to find the food court,
we found the laser tag instead. so for sure!

There i am, the pretty me! :)

They say we are the next generation ghost busters!

The tired face after a 10 minute session laser tag with little children
Sweating like a ran a mile

1 Mission= RM25 (10 Minuute)
There's up to 3 mission. But i don't remember the price,
and you can do birthday parties too!

After some laser tag we walked around Mid Valley,
then hungry again,
so to Pancake House we go! 

and that was that,
until the next post

28 more to go

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