Saturday, 18 May 2013

POST 3: Bullying Lil' Sofea Al-Latisya

So i had some little bonding time with my niece,
Sofea Al-Latisya <3
and yes,
i had to bully that little munchkin,
I am so addicted to her,
i just want to hug her soo much!
So below are some pictures of me bullying her,

When she gets something in her hand, 
she doesn't let go,
yes that's my hand,
yes i'm darker,
and yes she's adorable,
what more do you want?

Gymnastic time

So called sulking, not!

Sofea knows when to look at the camera,
all i said was 'Sofea look at the camera'
Yeah imagine saying that to a 5 month old baby girl,
and she actually looks at the camera,
i raised a photogenic girl,
proud Aunty :)

and yeah Sofea, can I eat you please?

Tired after playing with Aunty Widad, hehehe


Aunty Widad can i go to sleep now?

27 more to go

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