Thursday, 2 May 2013

Cars and Hostels and Houses

Well hello there,
It's been awhile but seriously need to get something off my mind

As you all know i am about to enter my 4th semester in University, and it's great that i'm becoming a senior and all and that I've been at Melaka for the past year and a half. But recently, my university just came out with new rules for students. 

So I've started to bring my car to University early semester 3 and it was all fine. I was able to stay in my hostel because i was qualified too as well. So it was okay at one point for students who had hostels to bring cars with them. But not anymore apparently. Now the students whom have hostels are not aloud at all to bring cars with them.

Well i am not quite happy with this, as to our faculty is like at the top of like what can i call it MOUNT EVEREST  and yes there are buses provided. But imagine this, the cost of paying the petrol for our own cars are the same as paying for the bus fair. Owh yes we have to pay if we want to go on the bus. Seats are limited plus there are hundreds of students that stay in hotels with just a few buses. So if we are late to class we are scolded by the lecturers yet we have to wait for the bus. And if there's no bus we have to walk which will approximately take around 10 minutes to reach our faculty. Like i said earlier, at the top of MOUNT EVEREST.

Not trying to complain, and i know some may say  'Your a student, you don;t die of walking' but again why do they have to do it like that? I mean they can always start from small like not allowing semester 1-3 students to not bring their vehicles. It started with a roomer and BANG!!! It was taken into action.

Not just the vehicles though, another letter got out too. Apparently staring the upcoming semester, all semester 4-6 student are not provided hostels. So only students from semester 1-3 are able to stay in hostels. Well good for you!!! GRRRRR

Not complaining (AGAIN), but sometime you have to take it slowly when making a decision. Not do it immediately.

So i have no idea if i am able to get a hostel or not for the upcoming semester as the results have not gone out yet. But i am actually thinking of renting a house just outside my university with Arina (Best friend). It's easier to be in a house with people you know, rather than being in a house with people that you don't know. So to the students who are not staying in the hostels, they are able to bring their car. So i am seriously thinking of renting outside. I can bring my car, not think about collage activities i have to attend, i can go home every weekend and i can travel with my Koperasi when ever i want, not needing to care about clashing with collage activities. 

Plus Ramadan is coming up, so Mum told me to come home every weekend, too which will be easier if i rent out, so we can open our fast together, and Mum also said that i need to cook. Well that's never gonna happen, because it ain't gonna happen. I'll just buy some at pasar malam and said i cooked them. Especially when Mother knows that her Daughter can't cook at all.

Yey Ramadan is coming up,



Until the next post

Adios Amigos

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