Sunday, 23 June 2013

POST 30: The Final Post For Mum's Deal

Yeah, I'm finally on my finally blog post for Mum's deal,
sorry Mum for finishing it late,

it's been hectic but i will update it once in a while,
yeah once i have an idea what to update about,
and if i have interesting stories to share,

don't think this will be my final post you know,
i shall be back,
i will be back,
i am back,

I do hope there are poeple somewhere in this world that reads my blog posts,
but i don't mind if i don't have any readers because i write for my own satisfaction,
not yours but mine,

yeah freedom to write what some people might say,

my stories might be boring, but that's how i write,
i don;t like writing long because i'm not bothered too,
so i prefer picture blogging instead

Follow my instagram for everyday picture updates about me, ahhahah: widadroslan

Yeah no more post to go! 
I shall see you very soon :)

POST 29: Food Glorious Food

Sorry guys, no pictures. Gotcha!

Currently i'm updating my blog using Mums MacBook, so theres no pictures in here,
so make do of what there is anyways,
which i will use only words

I've been always hungry lately,
That's why i have gained a lot of weight,

So i need to inspiration to lose some,
nothing is working so far, nope,

i still love eating,
but i love sleeping much more,
soo i need to change and start a healthy diet,

a smart diet takes you a long way,
a gard diet won't take you any where!

1 more to go, yeyyy

POST 28: Missing Nottingham

Not trying to say much,
but yes i do miss Nottingham,
Yes i do miss Bluecoat Sixth Form,
Yes i do miss ASDA,
Yes i do miss ALDI,
Yes i do miss everyone there

I just miss it all!
Can i have a 2 week visit please?



2 more to go

POST 27: UiTM Melaka closed for tomorrow

As i was getting my stuff ready to get back to Melaka tomorrow morning after Subuh, i checked my twitter account, and Alhamdulillah, my University is off for tomorrow.

Not saying it's not good. Yeah it's good because it won't jeopardise our health, but again we have to do a replacement class for tomorrow. But all is good.

I'll be going back to Melaka Tuesday morning instaed, because i need to meet with my suoervisor because i can't register for 1 of my courses.

It's a pretty big deal you know, i can't register for my own class because it's full. Because some people just decided to change classes after 4 semesters. How lovely isn't it. Yeah It's already semester 4 and now you decide to change class. Why? Because of you i can't bloody register for my own bloody class because it's bloody full because of bloody you! Owh Bloody eyllll!

Calm down Widad!!

3 more to go

POST 26: The worsening haze in Melaka

So it started of nothing really,
I was at Taiping because i had to change my braces colour,
Then i started reading about haze problems around Johor and coming down to Melaka,
Yeahh Melaka is where i study, so i thought it was nothing really.

Went back to Melaka on Monday afternoon and there was still nothing, until thursday morning, the haze started to thicken up, then Friday morning got ready for class and went out of the door, then i couldn't really see the other colleges. So went back into my room, took my face mask and went back out.

The haze was quite thick somehow, and i was the only one wearing the face mask. But again i don't care because all i care bout is my own health! Sorry mates. Only had 1 face mask.

Updates about the haze soon

4 more to go

POST 25: Been to busy lately

Hey there everyone, yeah i know i'm not keeping my promise to do 30 posts befpre the new semester,
but what can i do, i've been so busy lately and can't be bothered to open up my laptop and update.

So it's been 3 week since my new semester started and Alhamdulillah it's going fine. Loads of assignments to do, and insyallah i'll have time to do all of it.

I got College Tun Putih and thats not the worse part, the worst part was that i was on the highest floor. Yeah thank you very much. Yeah with all the crap that i had to bring into the room, i had to break quite a lot os sweat bringing all of it up. hmmm. hahahaha

Well thats all

5 more to go

Monday, 3 June 2013

POST 24: MUET 2013, Wish Me Luck

Yey, Yesterday i printed my registration slip for MUET,
I need to ace my MUET to actually be able to take English for my Degree,
Please do wish me luck!
Muchos Gracias

6 more to go

POST 23: Mother and Sofea Al-Latisya

Grandma do i smell nice?

Yes Grand daughter, you do!


7 more to go

POST 22: Our Queen

This i us the three youngest in the family with Eomma,
awww we love you Mum!

8 more to go