Sunday, 23 June 2013

POST 26: The worsening haze in Melaka

So it started of nothing really,
I was at Taiping because i had to change my braces colour,
Then i started reading about haze problems around Johor and coming down to Melaka,
Yeahh Melaka is where i study, so i thought it was nothing really.

Went back to Melaka on Monday afternoon and there was still nothing, until thursday morning, the haze started to thicken up, then Friday morning got ready for class and went out of the door, then i couldn't really see the other colleges. So went back into my room, took my face mask and went back out.

The haze was quite thick somehow, and i was the only one wearing the face mask. But again i don't care because all i care bout is my own health! Sorry mates. Only had 1 face mask.

Updates about the haze soon

4 more to go

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