Sunday, 23 June 2013

POST 30: The Final Post For Mum's Deal

Yeah, I'm finally on my finally blog post for Mum's deal,
sorry Mum for finishing it late,

it's been hectic but i will update it once in a while,
yeah once i have an idea what to update about,
and if i have interesting stories to share,

don't think this will be my final post you know,
i shall be back,
i will be back,
i am back,

I do hope there are poeple somewhere in this world that reads my blog posts,
but i don't mind if i don't have any readers because i write for my own satisfaction,
not yours but mine,

yeah freedom to write what some people might say,

my stories might be boring, but that's how i write,
i don;t like writing long because i'm not bothered too,
so i prefer picture blogging instead

Follow my instagram for everyday picture updates about me, ahhahah: widadroslan

Yeah no more post to go! 
I shall see you very soon :)

1 comment:

  1. Don't worry! I enjoy reading your life updates on your blog! ;)