Sunday, 23 June 2013

POST 27: UiTM Melaka closed for tomorrow

As i was getting my stuff ready to get back to Melaka tomorrow morning after Subuh, i checked my twitter account, and Alhamdulillah, my University is off for tomorrow.

Not saying it's not good. Yeah it's good because it won't jeopardise our health, but again we have to do a replacement class for tomorrow. But all is good.

I'll be going back to Melaka Tuesday morning instaed, because i need to meet with my suoervisor because i can't register for 1 of my courses.

It's a pretty big deal you know, i can't register for my own class because it's full. Because some people just decided to change classes after 4 semesters. How lovely isn't it. Yeah It's already semester 4 and now you decide to change class. Why? Because of you i can't bloody register for my own bloody class because it's bloody full because of bloody you! Owh Bloody eyllll!

Calm down Widad!!

3 more to go

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