Saturday, 18 May 2013

POST 6: SICK, DAY 4= Throat Infection

So after i went to the clinic,
Took all the meds that the Dr gave me,
then the next day i flt fine,
No more high fever,
No more tiredness,
More of hyper much,
Since i slept for 12 hours that night

Then i suddenly had a bad Sore Throat,
Thing was it kept coming and going,
So that night it was worse,
I had to sleep on my right side, 
because if not the throat would be closed up

The size of my throat, 
i think like a small golf ball,

So Mum took me to the Dr's again, hahahha
Which was today, hahahahha
and he said he would give me antibiotics and some lozenges,
I was actually curious so i asked what was the white stuff on my throat
and he said it was an infection
:O I have an infection in my throat,
say what?!!

Picture taken from google
So as you see above, this is a picture i took from Google of a perfect throat
All healthy looking

Picture take from google
And as you see in this above picture is from ggogle too, but my throat looks like this now,
weird isn't it?!

So i hope it gets better,
updates about my throats soon i hope!

24 more to go

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