Monday, 20 May 2013

POST 11: Throwback= Winter 2010, Nottingham

I miss winter soo much,
There's no Winter in Malaysia,
I didn't manage to feel any snow in Korea last time,
Because you know what,
Snow just apparently didn't feel like falling when i was there,
and when i came back to Malaysia it just decided to fall -_-''

So I'll just get over it with some pictures,
and if i miss it too much,
I'll just lock myself in the fridge! Ughhhhh

Look how much i was having fun!!

Let's just take my gloves of and write something on the snow,
and yes i literally couldn't feel my fingers after that,
so yeah congratulations Widad!

Now you decide to wear back the gloves,
now you know how cold it is!Muahahha

This was how thick the snow was,
Pretty thick.

hope to go back to Nottingham soon,
i Hope!

19 more to go


  1. soon, for my honey moon maybe? hehehe

    1. LOL! Maybe... But you will be spending all your time with meee! Hehehe :P

      DAMN! I miss you SO SO much!!! T_T