Saturday, 18 May 2013

POST 4: SICK, DAY 1= Stomach Ache, Food Poisoning

Stomach Ache it was,
I started going to the toilet at 8 at night, and went every 2 hours,
how it hurts, only Allah knows,
My stomach was literally all twisted up inside,

So the next day Mum took Me to the Clinic,
told the Dr how i was feeling and all,
he checked me up and all,
and yes it was indeed food poisoning,
So got all the meds i needed,
all i needed was the Charcoal meds,
That often works when i have stomach ache, which is a lot of times,
especially when i'm at University.

and then, the next day was something else.......

Picture taken from google

26 more to go

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