Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pre- Braces: Teeth 1

Hello there,

Like i sad in my previous post,
I shall explain in this post, owh yes I am in the mood to actually update my blog, so don't say a word at all!

BEWARE: I don't know how to differentiate TOOTH and TEETH!

So you all may not know, i have registered myself to get braces done. 1 year on the waiting list and my name has finally been called for. Yippy di doo!!

So today, well like the Dr explained on my previous visit, one week before i wear the braces i have to take out 4 teethes, healthy strong teethes!

So my appointment to wear braces is in a months time so i have to pull out one by one of the teeth that are needed to be pulled out. Dr said that i can't pull all four in one day,

so one by one, and in three days, i can only pull 1 teeth out.

So today was the day, the day i pull out my first tooth. woke up extra early this morning, and went to the hospital to make sure that we were early. Because me and Dad was afraid that the hospital would be full of people.

So when my turn came up, the Dr asked if i have eaten yet, and i said no. She then told me to go down at eat, because it will take a few hours until i can eat. Because they don't know if there will be a lo of bleeding.

So after i ate, went back up to the room. Sat in the chair. Then the Dr injected in some thingy around the teeth that she was gonna pull out. Then told me to wait outside for a few minutes until around the teeth i feel numb.

Then went back in side, and it all started. I could see the light! wait that was the light coming from the chair, ahahahaha

So opened my mouth nice and wide! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Then she took one of her tools and started to like dig around the teeth, and then she took what looked like a plyer (medically) and started to pull the teeth. As you all may know, pulling out a healthy strong teeth is very hard and tough, so another nurse came and held my head. Took about 4 minute to take the teeth out. Then she quickly put in what they call GAUZE. 

Then walla, it was all done. Dad drove back home, well since i looked sick, hahahaha!

The Doctor game me extra gauze to change when the other one is full of blood, and 2 pills. To only take them if it hurts, and if it doesn't hurt don't take them. Told Dad to drive quickly because the gauze was full of blood.

Reached home and gargled COLD water from the fridge, cleaned the whole mouth because it was full of water, and rinsed it with COLD water again. Then put the new gauze on the bloody area. Then went on me bed, started to play twitter, and kept on whining saying it hurts to myself, while Dad went out to by me porridge.

Then i couldn't take it anymore, went to the toilet to change the gauze again, washed and rinsed with cold water, and took the i think pain killer pills, and put in a new gauze. Went in my room, and straight away i went to sleep. Hahahaha

The only way to reduce pain is to sleep really!

Then around 2 i think Dad woke me up to take the gauze out because it was full of blood, and gave me the porridge. Took out the gauze and the bleeding has already stopped. So i ate the porridge nice and really really slowly!

and that was it. 

The next teeth will be pulled out next week,


More porridge and cold water and ice- cream i guess! Since i can only eat that!

Until the next post!

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