Saturday, 29 December 2012


So Abang Mamat told me to find a boyfriend, i have no idea why. What a weird supportive brother you are. Yes there are millions of guys at UiTM Lendu, well not specifically millions, but hundreds maybe. Okay that was more realistic. Everyday i encounter with gorgeous looking guys, but i don't know. There's no spark i guess (cewaaah)

Like i said previously, i went to Sungai Petani, Kedah remember. So we were in the van waiting for the driver to come in. So i said to one of my guy friends to try and get another guys number. Then i pointed to which guy i wanted to. So he then went and asked for his number, talked a little, he came into the van and gave me the number. I was like, you for real bro!

Hahahaha so got the guys number, then when the guy walked passed our van, they opened the window and handed a paper flower to him and said it was from me. So all i can do was smile really awkwardly.

I text-ed the guy afterwards saying enjoy the girt from UiTM Melaka, he then texted, wahhh thank you seriously, your very talented. Truth is i didn't do it. So being the good girl i am, i replied: Owhh well, thank you!

Then he said he had a little work and he would text me if he could join any programs with Melaka campus, and i was like cool! Call me!

and today. well today i ate a lot really!

That's it!



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