Thursday, 6 December 2012

Collage Activities

Hey everyone,

Okay college activities has already started, and it's only the beginning of the semester. They say they want to do all the collage activities before Christmas holidays. That only means one thing. Cramping every single activity in a week. 

So this week there is so many activities, all for semester one student.

Thursday: Mosque Activity

Friday: Collage Meeting

Saturday: Collage Gotong Royong

Sunday: Masscomm Semester One Student Induction/ Collage Semester One Student Induction

For me, well for me i have to go to all the activities above, but again this is Widad, I own the University.

Here I am at Dad's house, blogging like a boss and not caring about anything else in the world. So i'm not going to any of the activities, so what! I don't care anymore! Na'ah! *stomp feet!

Come on man, not all activities are necessary, plus we have a life!

Owh ya, For the masscomm induction they have already invited me to attend, and my answer was: Insyallah.

If time let's me i will go, to cheer on my fellow juniors! Because Masscomm Induction is the best induction. I'll pick masscomm induction over collage induction anytime man!


so going to bed in a bit, maybe......


i'll story you on my second post,

not anytime soon though!!


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