Saturday, 29 December 2012


promised mother to update my blog, but ever since i came back home, all i do is eat and sleep. So let's put all the blame on Sister shall we? She's been feeding me none stop, so don't blame me that i put on weight, blame the one who cooked and took us out to dinner.

So going back to campus tomorrow, after Dzuhur prayer, because i want to beat the Jam! Loads of assignments to so. Tomorrow night my group will have to finish our proposal, then our Psychology assignment.

Tuesday night we have to do a meeting on our short film, and edit the script. But since we have the whole Tuesday to our selves, i think we might spend the whole day doing the assignmant

So this post is all about stupid assignments that i have to do. This semester is going to be hectic.

Short Film

Interview an Artist

and a lot more and more and more!!

*can i go back to Korea please?

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