Sunday, 2 December 2012

First Day of Class

Hello there everybody, so some may know that I have recently came back to Malaysia, what can i say i miss Malaysia too much! hehehehe! But truth is, is that class has started for my 3rd semester, that's why i was forced to come back to Malaysia.

Yesterday I arrived at Melaka around 11AM and put all my stuff in my room and all. Went out to buy uncompleted things and some nik naks! Then came back to the room and cleaned it tip top. Putting all my clothes away.

yeah FYI this semester i didn't bring much clothes after being told by everyone to lessen what i bring, so this semester i didn't bring much but enough i think! I can always go home and bring more anyways hehehe!

This picture was taken yesterday when i was cleaning my room. My bed is on top! But believe me it's clean now!
I got the new hostel so i have 2 room mates and they are both very nice since they are my age. 

So today was my first day of class and it was somehow fun because i got to meet all my class  mates again, and somehow unbelievable since I still can't get over that I am no longer in Korea but in Malaysia. The weather here is incredibly hot not like Korea incredibly Cold! So i need to go to a place where it's just nice!

I have another class this afternoon to which i can't be bothered to go, but i have too! Being the good girl I am! Promised Mummy i will try to decrease the solid fat inside me to get a new phone. So Insyallah I will try my best!

So until the next post....adios!

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