Friday, 19 April 2013

Semester 3. Alhamdulillah

Well 14 weeks of Classes. Many days of Holidays.
Finally my Semester 3 has ended with a blast.
Ended my Semester 3 and Final Exams on my Birthday,
I couldn't ask for anything better.

Bellow are some pictures all through my semester 3:-

With Syida Zainordin in the library for our English Consultation class. Bored

Tennis session with Zaki Abdullah

Work out event with Zaki Abdullah and Aizzat Fadzil

Went to Indonesia as the representative for UiTM Melaka, and proud! :)

CTU presentation with Inani Othman (Adek)

Class Room games in BEL

ISFAL 2013 Committee Meeting

With my Baby Arina Faisal

Psychology Presentation with Atikah Baharom

Getting Ready for ISFAL 2013, Aqalili Azizan and Khairul Marni


Public Relations interview at Metrowealth with Aliff Shariff, Nadhirah Elias and Taufiq Abdullah

Pengkalan Balak with Arina Filzah

Instructional Communication presentation with
Taufiq Abdullah, Atikah Baharom, Aliff Shariff and A'tiq Shahruddin

Final Exams with Muhammad Khairul Adlan Bin Marni

It was a wonderful semester 3,
i learnt a lot, and gained a lot too,
I am thankful to all the lecturers who have taught me through out the semester,
well having to cope with my incredibly cute attitude of mine,

Thank you to all friends who were there too,
and yes, this semester i traveled a lot too,
so i hope to travel more in the next semester,
learn more,
and be able to return the knowledge that i gain by teaching others,
or give examples to others,
as it is not nice to not share.

Until i have another story to tell on my ridiculousness cute blog of my,
until then,


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