Friday, 12 April 2013

Happy 19th Birthday Nur Widad Roslan

Ahhhh I can already hear the fire works. Hehehehe! I would like to wish myself a Happy Happy Birthday. Happy 19th getting older every year birthday Widad. May you live a long and bless full life. Sounds really weird wishing my self. But truth is, i don't care much.

Well spend my Birthday studying for exams that I had that afternoon. But the day before Mr Khairul and Arina made a surprise Birthday treat for me. They brought me Pizza and sang me Happy Birthday like in front of a lot of people *ahh blushing

So Khairul bought me a bouquet of i think roses and couple rings. Hehehe me likey, and and and i got shoes from his Mom. Startled me a little, but thank you so much anyways.

I can;t believe that I'm already 19. I am soo getting old, i can't believe this. Can i please turn back time a go back when i was young. You know not thinking of anything else in the world and just what ever i want to do. Play all day and not have to think about exams or whats going to happen next semester. Everything freaks me out like literally.

So i am spending my post birthday at DePalma Hotel at Kuala Selangor. Followed Mum because she has work here with Along and Alim. Enjoying every bit of it. Had a post Birthday breakfast at Mamak stall and Post Birthday Lunch at KFC.

Had a blast on my birthday. Well spend last years Birthday at Korea, the year before at Brunei (i think) and the year before at Nottingham. So i couldn't ask for a better birthday than this birthday.

Thank you everyone for wishing on my birthday, i really do appreciate it. Muah Muah Muah for all and all the good night. :)

Until the next birthday... adios!

Eh, i mean.. until the next post Annyeong!



  1. 아아아아!!!!! 생일축하합니다 동생!!!!!! <3 May Allah (SWT) make all your dreams come true!!!!!! 진짜 보고 싶어요!

  2. Hey Zara. Thanks for the wish. Really appreciate it. Missing you too Eonnie! <3 Muchos Gracias