Saturday, 13 April 2013

Chocolaty Abs All The Way *wink wink

So i am trying to fond some ideas on what to write about, and i have no idea what to write about. Mr Khairul is encouraging to write more blog post, so here i am trying to encourage myself to write some crap.

So, what so again? So i'm trying to go in this ridiculous diet where i am not aloud to eat rice, but never worked. The diet sucks not me but the diet. Who ever came up with rice in the first place? It's delicious and full of fat. Yes i say it's ridiculousness because every time i eat it i gain weight. Not trying to be harsh or anything, but all food are mean and stupid and you know like 'eat me please! you'll be satisfied'. I'm satisfied alright, but my weight ain't satisfying me nor anyone for that matter. So just stop food from trying to seduce for eating you. I already broke up with Mr Ferero Roche because of the (OH MAI DAIZ mouth watering chocolate bonanza) tasteless (yummyness) that i taste in them.

I am now officially dating Mr Kinder Bueno. Well he's so kind to me. The satisfaction  The chocolaty good taste. The waffles, i can go on for days and days trying to describe how incredibly good he is. He has an 8 packs, chocolaty abs to die for and agagagagga *faints.

Apparently I am trying my hardest to stay away from them, but they just like me so much. Calling my name and all. Come on whats with the "Widad eat me now" thing. I will when i want to. Just stay in the fridge and i can help myself. I know when i crave for something sweet.

So here's me talking about chocolates like i have no life. Wait i don't! Okay bye!

Until the next post

Arigatou to you and you and you and you!

May the chocolate forces be with you tonight.


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