Friday, 12 April 2013

2 Months Holiday

Yeah i know right. What? Me? Holidays? What nonsense. Well believe it. After 14 weeks of lectures. Many days of... hmmm public hoildays (P.S Melaka has a lot of public holidays, so i'm just enjoying them all). 3 Weeks of final exams. My birthday and all and yes i'm finally here. My 2 month holiday has began. Yesterday was my last exam paper to which was Principles to Psychology. Right after my paper of Introduction to taking Austronomy in your dreams! Muehehehehe

So far i studies really hard for Introduction to Austronomy in your dreams paper. I think i'm going to get A++++ for that subjects. Since i slept all the way through it. Agagagagaga

Kidding. Believe it or not, i studied Principles to Psychology from chapter 7-14 in a day. Proud of myself in fact. Studied in the morning. Followed Mum to the bank, then went back home and studied some more until late night. Still proud of myself. 

So i think i've got my whole two months holiday planned. Currently at DePalma Hotel, Kuala Selangor following Mum to work until Sunday. Doing something on Monday til Friday. Then i have Korean classes on either Friday of Saturday. Then cousin's engagement ceremony on Sunday and going to Dad's house at Taiping on Monday. Dentist appointment on Tuesday and lazying around until Thursday. Then coming back to Nilai for Korean classes at Sunway Pyramid. Then i think i have to go back to Taiping at Dad's house since he said he has a job for me. So a few weeks before my semester starts, I'm going on holiday holiday at Bandung with le family. Yippy. More shopping.

I actually have other plans to you know besides just holiday-ing. I also have work to do. Have i ever told you that i was recently nominated to be the vice president for Koperasi Siswa Cawangan Melaka. Yeah will I am now officially the Vice President for Koperasi Siswa UiTM Cawangan Melaka. Who would have know right, me? Vice president for something big. Well been busy helping do the logo and i have to do the header, i think its called header. You know that thing you have on letters right at the top. Where they have your company logo and details and crap. Dangggg i forgot what it's called. ahmmm wait... getting it.. It's letter head. Dummy Widad. Asked Khairul to do the logo. Bless him ya know. Getting calls and messages telling him what to change on the logo and all. Soorry Khairul. All your design are pretty, but thing is, I'm pretty! WHAT?

So rumor has it that the head of Koperasi wants to send some students to Chine for Entrepreneurship Workshop. I really do hope it happens, because i am dying to go to China a learn some business there. Come on, please. Please make it happen. Ai is want to go. They said they want to do it this month, then some said next month. Agagagaga

Plus been told by my adviser not to go out of the country because there might be workshops in the semester break that i have to attend because i'm the vice president and all. Well i am trying my best not to be that busy. Come on my 2 month holiday is already packed with... emmmmm SLEEP and EATING. You know i would choose those two over everything. Muhahaha I dun care!!!

I am actually psyched that i got chosen to be vice president you know. I've never held such important role in anything as yet. I just participate actively in every single activity that i join, but never got a chance to be a high committee of something. teeeheee :)

By joining the Koperasi Siswa thingy i do get a lot of advantages, and the one i love most is that i actually get to travel, and learn about business. Remember i posted about me going Indonesia, well it was one of the trip under Koperasi thingy anyways. 


Well, I'm going to fully utilize my holiday.


until the next post


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