Friday, 25 January 2013

22 January 2013- Day 4 Surakarta, Indonesia (Amanah Outbound)

 What activity today? Ahmmmm!
Why sports clothes?
Because today it's going to get really messy,

Went to the grovery shop next to the hotel,
by some chikaddis before going to our next destination,
which is 2 hours away

 Finally arrived,
after 2 hours of sleep on the bus,
we finally made it,
first things first,
picture time!

 My favorite part of the day,
More food!

 Yes, i love it that much!

After eating, we went to send our things to our room,
change to slippers and let the team building start!

 Started of with fun activities,
not much pictures,
i even got these pictures from the guy who took it,
thanks for emailing them to me!

Played catch the balloon at the person at the back

 The moving human Tyre!

 Group Picture, Girls are the best!

 Water Polo!

 What did you say?
Want me to pull you in?
ahhh get the red thingy is it?
okay then@

 Tug of war in the mud!
Yes we won!
Owh yeahhhh!

 Mask anybody?

 They explained that don't get in the water,
because it's hot lava,
so we had to use only 4 sticks to get across the hot lava,
and yes we won!
The power of having a good team!

 Spider web, get everyone through the spider web without touching the strings,
interesting i say so!

 After playing with water and mud and sun,
we had a loong really looong shower!
Washed up and all and changed into a more comfortable clothes.

Then we went outside to take pictures around the team building place

 Me and Hasif,
the cute boy with dimples! Ahhh

 Sunset, Masya'allah

Then it was Dinner time, and the prize giving time
Which team won, and who got the best girl and best guy

and of course our team ARJUNA won second place out of 4 teams
and to my surprise i won best girl overall!
hahaha proud of myself!

 Posing time!

Then we were really focusing on what they had to say infront,
but we were actually thinking,
whadda eyll are they sayiing!???

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