Friday, 25 January 2013

20 January 2013- Day 2 Solo, Indonesia

 Some pictures before take off!

 They started of just by doing a transportation business,
then they expanded into 10 other branches which include food, petrol, mini market, and etc

 More snacks!

 Gave a little something something to him as a token of appreciation

 Group photo with Roslia

Me, the guy and his younger brother,
ahmmm not bad !

 Group photo,
not clear, owh welll!

 After Rosalia,
we went to a printing company,
one of the biggest in Indonesia i think, not so sure,

so there i was front row!

 Then they took us to the place where the printing, cutting and all works

 After that we went back to their conference room, 
to listen a bit more

Then they gave us tea,
Indonesia is very famous for this kind of tea
'they call it 'TEH BOTOL'
It has it's own unique flavour i guess!

 They then gave us more food, lunch this time!
Delicious really!

 Group Photo with JOGLOSEMAR,
and the next day, our pictures were in the newspaper!

 Next stop, Lembah Hijau,
Where they did Cow Business,
yes don't get me wrong,
literally we went to see Cows!

 It was hot, what can i say

 Yeah, keep on talking,
we're not hot at all!

 Heyy heooo let's go!

 Yes Hasif, I am the ghost behind you!

 Picture time!

 If somebody falls,
just pretend we didn't see anything and walk along!

 Then finally lunch time,
SOTO, one of the famous food in Indonesia,

 Soto, with Ikan Patin Bakar! DROOL PLEASE!
After Lembah Hijau we went back to our hotel,
yes literally everyone was stinky!

So had a shower until our night activity!

 Night activity, just like always Dinner,
it's all about the food people!

 Loads of yummylicious food!


 After Dinner, it was once again shopping time,
ai love it!

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