Friday, 25 January 2013

19 January 2012- Solo, Indonesia

Hello there humans,
how has everyone been lately?
Missing me lately is it?

I've been busy lately,
and gotten busier for the past 5 days,

I was sent to go for a workshop at Indonesia,
 3rd Indonesai Malaysian Workshop:
Indonesia- Malaysia Ebtrepreneurship Workshop III:
Pembangunan Ekonomi Kreatif Melalui Koperasi Mahasiswa

So i went to Solo, Indonesia on Saturday 19th January,
Yeah went to LCCT at 2 in the morning, and arrived around 4AM,

arrived at the airport and started to get to know all other participants from other university,
since i was the only on present from UiTM Melaka, yes i felt proud!

So let the pictures explain it all!

 Checked in and our gate was T9

 There they are: From Left Kak Aimi (UiTM Johor), Kak Ira (UiTM Shah Alam, Nazri (UiTM Perak), Me and Hasif (UiTM Penang) The one taking the picture is from UiTM Negeri Sembilan

 On our way to the plane, and yes the plane couldn't be any closer

 Our lunch on the plane, Yummy-nous

Finally arrived at Adi Soemarmo Airport, Solo

Waiting for our turn in the line,
see my face and how 'i just woke up' look, looks like! Do not disturb!

 The security guy checking the number of bags we bought, yes confusing because there were loads

 Le bedroom! Just nice isn't it!

 As soon as we arrived, we went to our hotel to check in our bags and rest for a bit,
then we straight away went shopping at Sekaten,
just like the night markets at Malaysia,
had 2 hours of shopping time,
and yes of course it wasn't enough

 Ain't this adorable,
colorfulness chicks!

 Me and shopping, trololol!

 With some of the students taking care of us shopping around Solo, Indonesia

 Me and Shahir took the BECCA to our next shopping location,
and yes, first hand experience!

 A short break after a long walk!

 After that, we went into a small exhibition about Solo, it was interesting and i made it more interesting!
Yes making the exhibition like my own!
just like Widad!

 I felt like a millionaire there you know,
all the money have loads of zero's on them!

After shopping we went back to the hotel,
showered and ate dinner,
after that we went out for the night activity!

 The boys gettin ready to go!

 We went to watch the traditional theater!
It was 1/4 in Indonesian and the rest in Bahasa Jawa,
So i slept all the way!

They gave us snacks to eat while watching,
just like pop-corn,
but instead pastry's 

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