Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The end of Semester 4, good bye.

There you have it guys, yesterday i just ended my Fourth Semester in Diploma in Communication and Media Studies.2 more to go then I'll officially get my Diploma.

Went through many hardships for this semester and i hope it was worth it.

Loads of assignments, so little time. Actually not so little time because we did it last minute anyways, that's why it was more stressful.

Hoping that Arina  moves into my class next semester so i actually have a true friend to work with.

My laptop screen early in the semester

My laptop screen today
See you Melaka in 6 weeks time. Gonna enjoy my semester break. :)

Until then

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  1. Congratulations! Hope all your hard work pays off, insha'Allah! :D Enjoy your freedom now!