Friday, 25 October 2013

Mother's 52nd Birthday 7 October 1961

Sorry for the very late post,

On October 7th we celebrated Mum's Birthday at home.

My final paper was on that day,
so i was super excited,
 so after i finished my paper,
Straight away drove back home with my Baju Kurung,
met Kakak Maisarah down stairs,
then went up up to ze house

Then it was like surprise, but Mum was all like: 
Mum: Where's my princess Sofea?
Me: What about me Mum?
Mum: Sofea my baby bushuk.
Me: MUM! ME!
Mum: Awww how grandma misses you
Me: -_-''


Happy 52nd Birthday very young and younger Grandma of 3!!!

Payback!!!!! Muahahha Bullying in lil Sofea

Mums hand

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