Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The New Sushi King interior design at Mines

So a few weeks ago, we decided to go eat Sushi King at Mines,
Since it's been a month since they renovated, it was finally done,
and  what can i say, i like the new interior design,
very nice and we don't have to get up,
yeah like we had to before anyways.

Where we can put like our food like awesome like wow

Mind the icture,
Hot water for poeple who like drinking hot green tea a.k.a MUM

Food glorious food,
magical food

Mother and Dongsaeng

Oppa and Me

and the main dish of all,
I swear i could eat at plates 6 plates of Sashimi by myself

All in all,
i enjoyed myself,
well i really love to eat,
so anything that has to do with eating i love it,
i don't just enjy it,
i LOVE it!


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